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 The two housewives were chatting one day and decided they were horny and needed a good fucking. So they called over two neighbor men who filled their needs by whipping out their big dicks for some cock sucking. Then the women got their cunts stuffed with the massive erections these guys grew in their pants.

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The mature boss
 He was only on the job two months when he was given his first disciplinary action for showing up late to work. He was in the office of his female boss who was ready to give him his punishment. She said she would forego the discipline if he would fuck her old cunt. So he complied and nailed her furry pussy right on the office floor.

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 They were going to go play bingo that night, but once one of their young friends stopped by to see if they needed his help, they helped themselves to his meat. Whenever one was getting pounded, the other one teased her pussy with a toy. He finished off on both of their busty tits.

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Neglected women get some
 Two beautiful women, ignored by their husbands, talk out each others problems by rubbing their clits. Little did they know that they were being spied on by one of the local delivery men. Just what they needed! They worked that young cock together, sharing him until they were over their original issues.

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Need a spot?
 While doing her calisthenics, one of her son's friends comes in with a question. Her answer is for him to get down and help her with the rest of her workout. After running her tongue up and down his shaft, she gets on top and fucks the young man deep and hard. They finish on the floor, with her bouncing her ass off of him for the ultimate workout.

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Taking care of business
 One of her husband's business partners was invited over a little too early, and just missed her husband. Her sexy outfit was just too much for her, as the boner in his slacks gave away what he was thinking. They both got what they wanted, as she pounded his cock in her pussy and then slid him deep inside her waiting ass.

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Sexy swingers party
 These three horny couples get together each and every weekend night to have a kinky swingers party. The men swap wives and the three women took as many cocks as they could.Lots of deep throat oral action and pussy drilling was going on when finally all of the men blew their jizz on top of their sexy wives' faces.

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Orgy at work
 These people were all co-workers at the construction site when the men began to get horny. So they called in the two older secretaries to take care of their hard needs. The women got on their knees and began to suck the men off one by one. While one of them was fucked, the other stroked off all of the guys that she could handle.

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The swinging birthday
 It was a swinger's birthday bash as many couples gathered for a big orgy. All of the husbands took turns getting their dicks sucked by all of the wives. The couples fucked and swapped partners until everyone got their rocks off. Even the women were eating pussy and sucking dick in one big swinger's orgy.

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